Ecology, Environmental problems, Criticism of the Anthropocene

Pulsation of the planet, its health. What is it? Has human activity affected or caused harm, and somewhere deep in the bowels is a painful wound? Or maybe everything is fine.

Key question of this project is: humanity is a mild cold or a deadly disease?

I gained the courage and audacity to explore my patient Earth through art.

I listened to the earth with a stethoscope. I heard so many sounds on the ground that my head was spinning. Human voices, the rumble from a distant freeway, the movement of insects, underground water, footsteps, knocks, and thousands of other sounds — that’s what I heard. Nature and inanimate. So many different sounds have formed into one heartbeat of the Earth.

Performance is documented on video. Video duration is almost 5 minutes.

Created 2021


"ESC - WAVE #2031, AW (YYYYMMDD + VVOVVA)", Contemporary Art & Design Gallery VVOVVA, 2022