Terra Neidorf

Multidisciplinary artist

Ukrainian who was born in 1998. Lives and works in Kyiv. Participant of exhibition projects in Ukraine, Switzerland, Spain, Czech Republic, and Turkey. Masterpieces of the artist are kept in such institution as the Museum of Kyiv history. Terra is currently studying at the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts.

Artist statement

The multidisciplinary artist works with performance, installation, video, and with mixed techniques. Terra explores the fragility of life, frailty against conditional eternity and the eternity that makes no sense. Such reflections of the artist relate to the themes of Life and Death, as well as the theme of Nature.

One of the key project is "Terra", which has the main aim of criticizing the Anthropocene and drawing the viewer's attention to problems of environment, especially the problem of plastic and its pollution of the soil. The works of the project remind us a slice of the ground that has changed its position from horizontal to vertical. The basis is canvases covered with oil or acrylic paints, some have a special texture that imitates the types of soils. An experimental element is a thread represents grass and at the same time turns the painting into a three-dimensional object. Exactly this series of works that became decisive in choosing the direction of the artistic path.

Terra has a deep connection with nature since her childhood so tries not to lose this ability and not become too mature, that one who for the sake of personal selfish intentions, neglects respect for the Earth. That is why the artist often turns her thoughts to the past, when she was more pure and looks for her childhood adventures, actions, feelings there, analyzes them and uses them in further projects. This technique helps the author to speak out on serious topics.

The fragments of the natural environment in the author's projects is an important element of her practice. For example, in the performance "Fortune-telling on the Sun" the artist plucks petals from 5 sunflowers, asking exciting questions about the future in a childish manner. In another performance, entitled "Heartbeat", Terra listens to the earth with a stethoscope, examining the nature of the planet as if it was a patient. The process of this performance actually takes place on an open landscape. The realities of war were documented in the series of video works "Causes and Consequences", but the role of civilians, innocent victims of war are played by flowering plants. In one of the five videos, a flower is littered with stones, after that the artist's hands clear the debris to rescue the innocent one.

Anyway the presence of natural materials, artistic expression in the open air, and a childish admiration of Mother Nature led the artist to land art. Currently, she is interested in a more ecological expression with a less engaged and materially interested background. The marginal position of land art in relation to the commercialization of art attracts rather than repels the artist. However, she seeks to give this art movement an opportunity to compete with the still dominant classical art forms.



Terra is currently studying at the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts

2020 - Course from MoMA: "What Is Contemporary Art?"

2017-2019 - Individual classes with master painters, group classes in art studios. Kyiv, Ukraine

Group Exhibitions

2022 - WAVE #2031, Contemporary Art & Design Gallery VVOVVA

2022 - Transit zone. Exit gate №2022, Mytets gallery. Kyiv, Ukraine

2021 - Avangard Festival, Apartment 35 Gallery, Dzyga Art Centre, Lviv, Ukraine, 2021

2021 - 365daysafter, MOKONSHU, Mytets gallery. Kyiv, Ukraine. Creative agency KAMSOMOL, gallery Garaža KAMBA. Zagreb, Croatia. International Residence of Artists DE LICEIRAS 18. Porto, Portugal. The independent Institute of Contemporary Arts Snarte Space. Nanchang, China

2020 - One Day After..., Museum of Kyiv History. Kyiv, Ukraine

2020 - Who, if not You?, Ornament Art Space. Kyiv, Ukraine

2020 - Sansara, III Ukrainian Contemporary Women`s Art Fest, Modern Art Research Institute. Kyiv, Ukraine

2020 - Barcelona 1.0, ArtBox.Project. Barcelona, Spain

2019 - We Contemporary Art Show2019, Topic Salon in collaboration with ArtConsulting BRNO Auction House. Prague, Czech Republic

2019 - The Memories, La Visione Art Gallery. Istanbul, Turkey

2019 - Show It 2019, ArtBox Gallery. Zurich, Switzerland

2019 - Identification, Spivakovska Art:Ego Gallery. Kyiv, Ukraine

Solo Exhibitions

2021 - Nature of Human Body, Svitlo library. Kyiv, Ukraine

2020 - Rethought, ZARINA Jewelry House. Kyiv, Ukraine


2022 - Charity auction in support of Ukraine, UA World Art Fund. Krakow, Poland


2021 - Art House Magazine, Issue 7

2020 - Art Catalog "Who, if not You?", Culture Trend magazine

2019 - Art Catalog "WE CONTEMPORARY 2019", MUSA International Art Space

2019 - Newspaper "Rabochaya Gazeta", section of the Exhibition, article "Personality determines his work"


ZUBKO Studio. Kyiv, Ukraine