Contemporary artist Terra Neidorf
Bio Artist statement CV
Hello, earthlings! I am a contemporary artist Terra Neidorf. Born 1998. Based in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Topics with which I work now: environmental issues, criticism of the Anthropocene. Earlier topics: human nature, personal reflections.

My portfolio includes mixed media works, painting, drawings, installations, performance.

I have exhibitions in Ukraine, Switzerland, Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey. My artworks belongs to the private collection of the Museum of Kyiv history, Ukraine.

Now each of my new artwork can be the last. War in my country poisons the air with death. I understand that I can inhale it at any moment.


| Course from MoMA: "What Is Contemporary Art?", New York, United States, 2020

| Art courses (offline and online), master classes with masters (offline and online), 2017-2019

| Art School, Kyiv, Ukraine

Group Exhibitions

| "ESC - WAVE #2031, AW (YYYYMMDD + VVOVVA)", Contemporary Art & Design Gallery VVOVVA, 2022

| "Transit zone. Exit gate №2022", Mytets gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2022

| Avangard Festival, Apartment 35 Gallery, Dzyga Art Centre, Lviv, Ukraine, 2021

| Art project 365daysafter, virtual exhibition, art organization "MOKONSHU" together with partners: creative agency "KAMSOMOL", gallery "Garaža KAMBA" (Zagreb, Croatia), International Residence of Artists “DE LICEIRAS 18” (Porto, Portugal), and the independent Institute of Contemporary Arts “Snarte Space” (Nanchang, China), 2021 and now

| "One Day After...", Museum of Kyiv History, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2020

| "Who, if not You?" within the activities of the Ukrainian magazine "Culture Trend", Ornament Art Space, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2020

| "Sansara", III Ukrainian Contemporary Women`s Art Fest, Modern Art Research Institute, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2020

| "Barcelona 1.0", ArtBox.Project, Barcelona, Spain, 2020

| "We Contemporary Art Show2019", Topic Salon in collaboration with ArtConsulting BRNO Auction House, Prague, Czech Republic, 2019

| "The Memories", La Visione Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey, 2019

| "Show It 2019", ArtBox Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland, 2019

| "Identification", Spivakovska Art:Ego Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2019

Solo Exhibitions

| "Nature of Human Body", Svitlo library, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2021

| "Rethought", ZARINA Jewelry House, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2020

| "Remove the mask", Dom, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2020


| Art House Magazine, Issue 7, 2021

| Art Catalog "Who, if not You?" - Eco-project - Culture Trend magazine, 2020

| Art Catalog "WE CONTEMPORARY 2019" - MUSA International Art Space, 2019

| Newspaper "Rabochaya Gazeta", section of the Exhibition, article "Personality determines his work", 2019

Private collection

| Museum of Kyiv History, Kyiv, Ukraine


| Jewelry House ZARINA, Kyiv

| Showroom ZUBKO Studio, Domosfera Shopping Center, Kyiv


| KURAZH, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2021